Our team is built to empower your team to do outstanding work.

We’ve also always believed that it is possible for great brand storytelling to benefit both the business, and the people who are exposed to it. That’s why we work with brands to elevate what they’re doing and give them all of the tools that they need to deliver the best possible social and digital communications for their communities.

Back in 2010, Junction started as a group dedicated to creating great stuff for ambitious brands. Since then, we discovered that the best way that we can deliver value is by working with businesses to build that capacity internally so that long after we’re gone, their audiences are still benefiting from awesome content and experiences.

The result has been that our impact is significantly greater, our clients are more successful, and we love the work that we get to do everyday.

We now find ourselves working directly with people from across organizations who get involved with digital communications. Sometimes that’s a digital strategy that we develop directly with the executive team, and other times we’re working with the advertising manager to research and plan to make the best possible use of a media budget. What’s consistent across all of our projects is the drive to make our clients better equipped and more empowered to take control of their own digital and social communications.


Conner Galway

Conner started building digital strategy, training, and speaking publicly very early on in his career, even guest lecturing at his university while still attending as a student.

He founded Junction with a small team, and has always been the strategist – researching, digging deep and solving problems with our clients to help them get where they’re going, and pushing the limits of what’s possible for their businesses.

Since then, he’s grown our team and his role, building strategy and training for brands like Destination BC, Happy Planet, and The Donnelly Group.

He’s also becoming one of Canada’s premiere digital & social media educators, developing curriculum and teaching at a variety of schools like Brainstation, Simon Fraser University, and Capilano University.

Flynn Lowry
Managing Director

Flynn came to us with a project management background and quickly became the invaluable engine that puts ideas into action, both for our own organization and for our clients.

His attention to detail, and encyclopedic knowledge of the internet make him a uniquely talented consultant who backs every one of his recommendations with thoughtful research and detailed plans that make implementation a breeze.

His background in the Internet’s favourite medium: video, gives him the ability to add value to creative projects. Combine that with his passion for social done well, and you’ve got a powerful weapon for just about any project that you can throw at him.